The Ground

Inside the barbecue grill is removed and barbecue skewers and barbecue. Folding BBQ bottom will suffer largest temperature overload, since it will be burning coals. So if you want the bottom let you down, it should be thicker metal 2-3 mm., Or stainless steel. (By the way, if ever, make the whole Folding stainless steel grill, it will be just an "eternal"). The dimensions depend on the barbecue skewers used 60 and 80 cm for field conditions are more suitable skewers 60cm. Based on the width of the grill of the future will be 40 cm and length of 65cm. The bottom of the grill in the first step is to make the bottom of the grill position 1. The side walls of the base to bend the bar on the dotted line, pre-drilled holes in d = 10mm.

access of oxygen to the coals. The side walls have a barbecue pos.2 size 650h205. To great wall had the opportunity to develop, between the base and walls are mounted on two furniture canopy pos.4 small size. Attach awnings for barbecues can with screws or povoschi welding. Small wall grill Removable wall position 3 are mounted on the bottom and with the help of clamps. To do this, make a slit at the edges (as shown) and produce a bending of the edges these shrih dotted line. From the bottom of the bottom of the welds at the corners of the nut M8, which will in turn be screwed pos.5 legs. As the legs of round timber used d = 8mm.

and a length of 600mm. On the one hand to cut thread M8 distance 10mm. On the other hand it is necessary to sharpen the legs and weld rod segments d = 8mm, L = 30mm. as shown in the figure. Pointed feet brazier of legs used for more rigid fixation of the barbecue to the ground, and the segments welded to the edge are both focusing (to grill under load not go into the ground), and after using the grill 'pen-stop' will allow you to easily unscrew the legs. For the convenience of transport barbecue in the folded position, the side of the base is mounted handle pos.6 (this can be homemade or purchased and handle made of metal). homemade barbecue grill no matter what unfolds spontaneously when you carry one of the walls is equipped with a hook or clamp position 7. Lastly can only paint the grill heat-resistant paint in black. For this purpose, suitable heat-resistant paint spray cans to that used for painting exhaust pipes in cars. These paints can withstand temperatures of 600 degrees, and the paint will not be burnt. By the way, barbeque grill and begin to cook when the coals start to "go gray", ie wash ash. He lightly "escapes" excessive heat coals. This handy collapsible grill, not only when traveling to a picnic and a barbecue. Will it be useful to tourists and fishermen, and as the source – the stove. Heating on the fire or in a grill stone it can be made to the tent (of course extinct). And such an improvised stove will provide warmth for many hours (barbecue photos).

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