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Circassian Blue

Here, people are born, live, grow old and die from their mother tongue. No mixture of a foreign language, all speak fluent Adyghe – both at home and on the street and at school and at work. How did you achieve this? Knowing about that the Jews without Judaism, confession is not to take them into their midst, and the… (more…)

The Water

– A stone for? – To expand the hole. At ten in the evening, in warm May to time, the neighborhood of the river enveloped soft twilight, but still light enough to be able to consider the area beaches, where they stopped. Place around an open, clean and at a distance you can see the building of a pumping station… (more…)

Deckers Outdoor Corporation

and registered the name 'UGG' as a trademark in 25 countries. In 1995 he sold the label 'UGG Australia' an American company Deckers Outdoor Corporation. In 1998, Dekkers was an elite brand of footwear brand UGG Australia. Joeb Moore & Partners brings even more insight to the discussion. Ugg boots worn heroine of the film 'Sex and the City'. And… (more…)

Russian Emperor Nicholas II

Present member of the society from time to time it is difficult to imagine how quickly our world is changing around them. Time itself. What's in a position to be even more erratic. Any of us can compare it with the current sand hourglass, with the current because of the skyline and the river beyond the horizon. By itself, no… (more…)

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