Roman Curtains

In general, options for interior decoration with elegant drapes or curtains, there are many. The main thing – do not overdo it to get some new curtains are not was beaten out of a total style room interior solutions. Blinds, curtains, blinds and shutters – in the pursuit of design and materials, window design of these important items are forgotten. In this article we will consider and advise you how to decorate and improve the properties of windows with the help of these additional 'accessories'. The most logical but inevitable council must choose a design that corresponds with the shape and size of windows, the proportions room, its interior design and appointment.

By varying the color, texture fabric curtains, long curtains, the type of blinds you can achieve the desired effect: the window will either be matched or contrasted with the walls, floors, upholstery and style furniture. In any case, wisely design 'clothing' for the windows so that they become part of the whole (interior), and not a random decision, especially carefully to pick up the curtains for the kitchen. It is not easy, and the services of interior designer not interfere. Some tips: A small window will appear larger if its frame in white paint. To narrow window blinds more suitable with horizontal bars, their image will change the proportions of the window. Smaller windows are contraindicated lush curtains, draperies complex that will attract attention to defects in the window will cause eye discomfort. For small windows, choose a design that hides their size and proportions. Tissue on them should be small, conventional and Roman blinds – ideal option for them decor. Buried windows worse miss and scatter light, if you curtain of curtains, blinds, then make the room very dark. It is best to leave these windows unclosed, and their windowsill to use for placing low indoor plants, collections of toys, miniatures, bottles, etc. For a large window pick unpretentious, unobtrusive, drapery, avoid fabrics with small patterns, short (up to the window sill) blinds that look great on the plane window is blurred, and the window as a result loses its expressiveness, clarity of form.

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