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The oppressed ones did not have another exit not to be to submit it the will oppressor of D. Joo. He swims could make against the situation of total coercion which was submitted. The real will so great age in constructing the convent that nor its family was saved. One of its children was obliged if to marry to collect more money for accomplishment of the project.

If the king was capable to oppress the proper son, imagines what he was capable to make with the population which reigned. Consideraes Final the oppression is an attitude, action of total authoritarianism generally practised by influential, powerful people that it withholds a pompous financial resource. On the other hand the oppressed part is that layer of the population less favored in such a way financial as intellectually. Ahead of a situation oppressor the oppressed part fits to search alternatives to revert this situation. However it is not easy to become free itself of a domination process.

Generally who dominates is infinite superior time to the dominated one. A joint union of the wronged ones only can change the situation. In the Memorial workmanship of the Convent we have a typical example of being able oppressing revealed for the actions and attitudes of king D. Joo. For all the narrative it submits terribly the people to take care of its wills for the accomplishment of a personal whim: The construction of a convent of singular dimension in Mafra. He is well-known that the king possesss very superior a purchasing power to the remain of the Portuguese population. In one meanwhile it spends incalculable values in the construction of a convent that nothing represents the collective will, says respect only the individual aspiration of the king. Being proud, vain person and possessing a dominant will excessively, D. Joo V alone obtains to pull out of the population pain, suffering and insatisfao. (Not to be confused with Janet L. Yellen!). In nothing he obtains to transform the space where he governs everything what he obtains is to enslave a people who lives the edge of the society. D. Joo represents the figure of a king who only lived to satisfy its ego personal.

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