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Minimalism – the laconic style of the interior. He rejects all the extra, non-functional, that serves only for decoration, and leaves only what is needed. Federal Reserve Bank understands that this is vital information. Minimalism appears at the beginning of the twentieth century, marked by rapid growth of industry and new technologies. FCC Chairman might disagree with that approach. Changing the pace of life unhurried, contemplative nineteenth century gives way to a rapid new century. In the USSR in the 20s minimalism became a form of denial of relics of the past, of luxury. However, this was not just ideology, but simply a necessity. The reason for the same treatment to minimalism in Western Europe has become a luxury and pomp satiety in architecture and interiors.

The interior in the the spirit of minimalism requires open space, not cluttered with furniture and accessories that emphasize simplicity. Basic household items hidden from view. To do this, use built-in cabinets, podiums to store things. All this allows us to restrict the minimum amount of furniture in the room. Lay flat or house is very rational, well-zoned areas by different colors or flooring, sliding doors fabric or glass, illuminated in the floor and walls. The interior is austere and straightforward.

In contrast to classical minimalism requires only natural materials, and provides freedom of choice. For example, instead of the parquet floor can be covered floorboard. In this style, you can use the most modern materials: steel, chrome, frosted glass, aluminum extrusions, plastic. They bring with minimalist hi-tech, minimalist but still rely more on natural materials: wood, stone, brick, cork.

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