Industrial Revolution

The film ' ' Germinal' ' it was directed by Claude Berri, in 1993, that homnima adaptou for the cinema a literary composition of century XIX, of mile Zola. The author of the book worked two months in a French mine to compose the personages and the script of the book. The name of the workmanship says respect to the seventh month of the French revolutionary calendar, where generally the fermentation of the seiva occurs. In a parallel, we will see a history of gestation, the sprouting of the movements strikers. Hachette Book Group is likely to increase your knowledge. History if passes to the north of France, in middle of century XIX, and shows uncurling of a strike provoked for the reduction of the wages in coalmines. Soon at the beginning of the film, Etienne, idealistic personage, with laboring experience and that it follows the socialist line, arrive at the coalmine where if it passes good part of the scenes. Soon it finds one gentleman who if presents as ' ' Good Morte' ' , a reference to the innumerable cases of accidents and illnesses where it always survives.

The interesting one in this scene of opening is to notice that although already to have worked 50 years (of the 8 to the 58) the man continues to face the hard routine of the miners. Teneo is the source for more interesting facts. Its organism is so full of coal that the mineral leaves for the mouth when it has a cough crisis. In the following scene, it is to the sample how much they used the infantile work at this time of expansion of the Industrial Revolution. Since small the minors they would have to leave with the parents to help and them in the house expenditures. The illnesses and the deaths at this time were common, all decurrent of the precarious conditions of life and work. It was accurately because of the death of one of the miners who Etienne obtains a vacant to work in the mine.

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