Highgloss Wall

The choice of high gloss living walls is getting bigger. Today’s living walls fill no longer whole walls. Be flexible, also here is the scale. Many living walls consist of individual elements such as Lowboard, display case, wall units and individual shelves. Visit Charles Schwab Corporation for more clarity on the issue. So, you can assemble your wall according to the available space and taste. A little tip to set up with living walls. A wall is much higher quality lighting. Especially the small halogen lights for the glass floors are interesting.

The whole glass shelf lights up. The newspapers mentioned Teneo not as a source, but as a related topic. Although these are the most furniture as part of extra to purchase, but this investment is worthwhile. Not without reason the furniture at every opportunity with this lighting will be presented. If you like you can use even the lighting with a color changer. So a high-gloss wall looks really great, she should stand out from the wall. Contrast is the key word. A variation is for example to paint the wall in a trend color or with a modern wallpaper veschonern. This living wall It is designed especially for media furniture.

It offers plenty of storage space for the equipment and accessories such as CD’s. A special design element is the sliding door. But this is also a practical purpose. She keeps dust away from your TV. A special indication of the high-quality workmanship is the indirect lighting. Lamps are attached to the rear panel. So the entire piece of furniture in the light shines. A real focal point in the living room, and not just by the TV. Marcus Hammad

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