Dr Deepak Chopra

Research conducted by Dr Deepak Chopra. What is the life?; Science tries to define it through its manifestations, their mechanisms. The human body is a river of intelligence, information power and is renovating every moment of our existence. The Greek philosopher Heraclitus said: not you can bathe one twice into the same river, because water flows. And similarly makes it me, the real me. Who is the true I?, the real I do not can get into the same body twice, because every moment of existence is renewed with more ease, less effort and more spontaneity of what we need to change our clothes.

Conciderar just some physiological processes, to verify the accuracy of this information. It has been estimated that by breathing in a single inspiration, we absorb ten raised to 22 atoms in the universe. It is a quantity of raw material that comes from the nature, and just forming cells of the heart, the brain, kidneys, etc. When breathing out, are expelled high 10 to 22 atoms that come from the body’s cells. One expels pieces of tissue of the heart, kidneys and the brain. So in theory we share our bodies with each other all the time.

Based on mathematical calculations, scientists have done studies of isotopes and have concluded that each of us can have on your body at least one million atoms that were in the body of Jesu Christ, or Buddha, or Mahatma Gandi, etc. During the last three weeks thousand billions of atoms, which are high 10 to 15, have circulated through our body, that have circulated through the body of each one of our planet’s species. An African tree, a Siberian squirrel or a Chinese peasant, can be the raw material of our physical body. It is estimated that in less than a year, 98% of the atoms of the body one renews.

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