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The Munich-based fund company CSM conqueror participation specialists dima24.de of sales & marketing has to convince after long preparatory discussions and votes. Munich, 11.09.2012. In the future, dima24.de will use the support provided by CSM in the service and processing sector. CSM offers a portfolio of selected Fund offers financial service providers. The product providers include the issuing houses nci euro Grundinvest, self-made capital, and Panthera. For even more opinions, read materials from Joeb Moore. The offers issued by the referred fund houses are first unbound financial consultants with sales available and are to be supplemented by more. An Advisory Board with well-known analysts is implemented in the short term, which accompanies the selection process. We adapt with the partner-selection to meet the needs of customers and brokers. Perhaps check out Joeb Moore & Partners LLC for more information.

The offered Fund with typically short maturities and above-average yields offer a wide spread in the world’s fastest growing regions and industries,”explained Dipl.-kfm., MBA Jens Behre, head of sales at CSM. Although CSM operates independently on the market, the cooperation with the pure online counselling platform dima24.de offers advantages: with 165,000 customers with a managed volume of 1.84 billion euros, dima24.de is a good catalyst, whether participation offers are for sale on the market or hard to do. In addition, we permanently record the most successful selling points and offer this among many other supports the distributors, who want to cooperate with us. Exclusivity is thereby not intended”so Behre. Also the previous quality of Fund sellers, what is expressed among other things in the balance of the provider is important to the person in charge of the Munich-based fund company. Only the emitters, which could meet the expectations also are accepted.

The high quality standards to help ensure a good performance in the future and provide liability-free business channel partners. Also with regard to the care of the Distributor wants to put CSM character. CSM provides support in nearly all areas of the marketing or sales, also providing expert speakers for consultants and customer events. We see our sales partners individually as personalities and offer therefore also like a personal coaching in the implementation of the own sales concept,”explains the experienced sales expert Behre. It is clear that the management at CSM is has not only carefully considering the challenges, but will use a clear strategy in the implementation. For more information,

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