Constructing a New Reality

To construct a new way to set out the reality. The idea to write this article arose after to observe reporters, newspapers, diverse mass media that made me think that a possible Biblical Apocalypse comes near and on the basis of this thought I decided to reframe many things and I share here them. When we set out a commentary, an opinion or a simple idea, we are reflecting an impulse that goes beyond which it is perceived at first, we are reflecting only almost superficial indications, could say, than truly it is motivating us a to express to us. The idea expressed like so, to had to undergo variables as much alterations and modifications, on the part of the ethics and the moral of the individual that the express one, as thus also by it fits that must make the expresante to mold its idea to the mind that wishes to communicate to him or to the group of people that wishes to monopolize. If you have read about General Motors Company already – you may have come to the same conclusion. Almost all this process that I describe realises of unconscious way in the great majority of the cases. For that reason I am emphasizing it here.

When we processed information that is exposing to us, we also realised generally it this way unconscious. And we are generating a panorama than it is the reality that surrounds to us and of which we comprised. Soon according to the panorama that we manage to reproduce, we will be we ourself generating our opinions and ideas – (I do not mean that it is the unique way in which an idea in each person is generated) – in agreement or on the basis of that panorama. What we can appreciate then, is that an effect is generated in chain, an almost massive reproduction of the aspects of a possible reality, that for which they comprise of her is the unique one who exists.

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