Collage, As A Means Of Decoration

Individual houses can be emphasized in different ways: who will order a massive front door, who will carved furniture, and someone to impress a collage. Collage (from Fr. Collage – glueing") – technique in visual art, involving sticking on any basis material, differing from it in color and texture. Collage is also called the product is entirely carried out in this way. Collage in fine art has been introduced Cubists, Futurists and Dadaists, practiced sticking to the canvas scraps of newspapers, photographs, pieces of cloth, etc. floral collage done with natural materials.

Special emotional acuity floral collage gives the contrasts of textures and unexpected combinations of dissimilar materials. Styles collage style is called common image system, means of artistic expression, techniques that characterize work of art. There are five major styles, which can be executed floral collage. Each of them has its own clearly defined characteristics and features. Decorative style involves creating a bright, interesting work, in which the central role played by the beauty and expressiveness of the composition elements.

Plants and materials at the same time can be transformed in any manner for the sake of aesthetic effect. Abstract style intended to express the natural feelings, moods and fantasies of the author, the principle has refused to images of real objects. This is a popular collage style, allowing you to create a surprisingly vibrant and interesting work. It is characterized by pronounced color spots with different shapes, but usually not vague, but close to geometric forms. Florists create them how to use paints and pasting natural elements. Vegetative style is considered the most difficult. To make the composition in this style, you must subtly feel the inner essence of plants, bringing their creations to the natural way. For this style characterized by free, identical to the natural arrangement of the material. The work in this style requires a florist respect to the plants. Vegetative composition should be as realistic. In linear graphical (GUI) style of play a major role lines, their nature, thickness, direction. If a decorative style, the line may be an additional touch, here it is the idea of the composition. Lines can be straight, meandering, curved and smooth. To create an active tension in the collage using different contrast in character movement lines. For a linear style, usually characterized by asymmetry. Linear-graphic style is harder to understand, however, pronounced color contrast elements, a combination of vegetative and non-plant materials do work very effectively. In the landscape style main subject of the image – this is natural or transformed by human nature. Imitation of natural landscapes, executed in natural floral materials, looks particularly interesting. Collage decorate your home and highlight its individuality.

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