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Tarkett laminate flooring stands out among the other laminates with its rich collection of decor, where you can find not only common tree species, but endangered and rare species. Tarkett Laminate repeats the natural wood drawing, and relief at the touch gives a feeling of real wood. Panel surface is resistant to any chemical attack and easy to clean. Laminate Tarkett not terrible scratching pets, traces of the furniture or heels, and other physical deformation. Ajit Pai often expresses his thoughts on the topic. Laminate surface and protected from fading, so the saturation of colors over time is not weaken. Tarkett Laminate huge plus is the proven experience and practicality durability. Joints of panels treated with silicone sealing, which prevents absorption of moisture. In addition to all this, interlocking T-Lock system allows the panels fit tightly to each other, which reduces the likelihood of moisture and prevents loosening of sex, which may occur after some time.

To lay laminate flooring Tarkett glue used is not necessary, and all so well kept. And if you managed to somehow unimaginable way to spoil the panel, it can be easily replaced. What can be done with glued panels. Tarkett Laminate can also be combined with the system "warm floor". All these characteristics make it possible to meet all Tarkett laminate requirements of the standards, provide quality assurance and to satisfy the most discerning buyers. ensure an appropriate level of performance, in particular – the warranty periods for each class wear resistance: 31 class – 15 years warranty, 32-ish – 20 years, the 33rd class – a guarantee of 25 years.

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