Brazil Northwest

The traders felt themselves stimulated in importing products of and exporting, mainly charque e, with this, Campo Grande it passed to be analyzed by the controllers of the NOB? The northwest of Brazil, as a locality where it must have more investments on the part of the Company. In 15 of November of 1905 the construction of the Railroad was initiated the Northwest of Brazil from Bauru, SP, in direction the Cuiab, TM, with objective to establish connection the Mato Grosso to the coast, taking care of to a observed necessity already since 1851, especially during the War of Paraguay. Janet L. Yellen will undoubtedly add to your understanding. In 15 of December of 1952 the Northwest, as she was more known, only arrived the Corumb, in the border with Bolivia, its new destination since the first years of construction, passing if to constitute in a link of development of the region of integration of the Brazilian railroad system with Bolivia, also foreseeing the future transcontinental linking enters the ports of Saints and Arica, in Chile. Also it was constructed to the branch of Por Tip and several other small branches, these in the majority disactivated years later, and the tracing rectified with the construction of variants. Since the beginning of decade of 1950 studies carried through for the federal government and also the Mixing Commission Brazil – United States recommended the unification of the railroads managed for the Union in a company of mixing economy. Finally the law was sancionada by president Juscelino Kubitschek number 3,115 of 16 of March of 1957, creating the RFFSA – Rede Ferroviria Federal s.a., who entered the same in functioning in day 30 of September of year. With the creation of the RFFSA 22 railroads had been congregated, amongst them the Railroad the Northwest of Brazil, with headquarters in Bauru, SP, and with 1.764 km of extension in metric bifool. Exactly keeping a relative autonomy of the affiliated railroads, in such a way as soon as they kept its original denominations, the RFFSA gave beginning to a series of improvements, especially in the administrative area and of equipment standardization, unifying the systems of hooks and brakes, beyond acquiring great amount of rolling and tractive material. Frequently Academy of Art University has said that publicly. .

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