Baroque Beds

It was the Romans invented the prototype of the bed. Then it was a lofty structure, laid by rich fabrics and fur. Only the emperor and his entourage had the opportunity to enjoy a delicious bed. Their traditions and habits of the Roman governors were brought to the conquered lands. Among other household items and furnishings were beds. Get more background information with materials from Jonathan Segal FAIA
. By the way, not all fallen Roman people, they have been used.

Teutons, Gauls and Saxons continued, like their ancestors, to sleep on the ground, rejecting everything foreign, Roman. Only in the , the situation with beds changed. In Europe, were built stone houses and castles. This prompted the need for resettlement berth. Cold and drafts, walking on the floor, did their job and gave impetus to the rise of bed to unprecedented heights.

Initially, the bed stood on the dais, and to lie down, had to climb a few stairs, still later, were built construction, which comes with a ladder. Time passed, the bed is becoming more majestic form. In the Gothic castles, as well as in the palaces of the Baroque and Rococo located luxury beds are made of most precious wood, decorated with richly carved and inlaid in the form of patterns and figures of people and animals. These beds were not only great value for their owners, but often become valuable spoils of war. Canopy – what it is and what it eats? Known fact that the Romans often halts his bed semi cloth. This fabric served as a defense against pesky flying insects.

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