Aromatherapy in Italy

Let us, together with e-shop furniture and furnishings go in this unforgettable journey … From the history of the brand image of the Toscano was born over 50 years ago … For generations, the legend of boy and horses. One day a little boy saw the horse, flying swiftly by vast expanses of fields of Tuscany. The horse stopped at the boy and looked into his eyes, and at this moment between them was born something special and important. The boy is a compelling desire to make this horse was his. And he asked his father to buy him a wonderful pet.

But the boy's father was wise and did not want to wish all the sons were easily attainable. He taught his work and for work to receive compensation. The father sent the boy to his grandfather to work to for vacation, he was able to accumulate money to buy a horse. Working with his grandfather, the boy realized that his work – it's not just hard work, it – Art. He learned to pick flowers and olives, and studied the secrets of soap, to learn the art of manufacture of candles and fragrances for the home. Everything was permeated with the spirit of art and creativity, based on the sensitivities and care respect for nature, tradition, man. The boy bought the horse after it had other horses. A deep feeling, born in a hot long summer that created a small kingdom of love and dreams in the inner world of the child, initiated the construction of a vast empire, now known as Erbario Toscano.

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